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Kiddies International I

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What makes my child strong for life? This is the question parents ask when they confide their children to us. Our answer is: early childhood education and learning about staying healthy. Step by step with the children, hand in hand with the parents.

Our vision is that the children entrusted to us will become self-confident, independent, sensitive and engaged as well as healthy school children.

In the Kiddies Family Centers, daycare is understood as an educational mission. When will my child start preschool? Another question parents ask frequently. Our answer: from day one! We support every child according to the principle: "Help me to do it myself".​​

The following educational principles are applied:

·       Encourage discovery learning

·       Supporting social interaction

·       Awakening a sense of responsibility

A popular saying states: "Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing". In addition to providing a good education, health is a significant factor influencing children's development and thus their further path in life. In order to promote children's health from the very beginning, the following educational principles are added.

·       Strengthening the connection to nature

·       Stimulate healthy eating habits

·       Activate motor skills

A healthy company also takes care of everyone involved. Providing a healthy working community is our comprehensive sustainable mission. To create an environment in which everyone can grow up healthy, work, learn and live well together - children, educational professionals and parents.

Shelby Fällenbacher

​Shelby Fällenbacher:

Full Immersion Expert and Facilitator of Kiddies Family Centers 


I moved to Berlin in 1994 after completing my Bachelor of Science in Education from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. 


After teaching many years at the American Embassy Childcare Center, I joined the Kiddies Team in 2010.   My passion is to create loving childcare options, with dynamic teams and exciting educational opportunities for Berlin families. 


Our motto: Hand in hand with the parents, step by step with the children, is held close to my heart while navigating families through these first few important years. I have experienced first-hand as hundreds of children have spent their early years with us, benefiting immensely from our full immersion method of learning English and German.

Dr. Gabriela Pfändner-Morrice


Frau Dr. Gabriela Pfändner-Morrice hatte auf ihren vielen beruflichen Reisen als Unternehmensberaterin und Filmproduzentin die Standards frühkindlicher Bildung, Erziehung und Betreuung in Frankreich, Kanada und den USA kennengelernt und hatte sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die deutsche frühkindliche Pädagogik um die dort gewonnenen Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen zu ergänzen.

Dr. oec. publ. Gabriela Pfändner-Morrice bringt das breite, fundierte und vielseitige Spektrum ihrer jahrelangen Berufserfahrung in die Entwicklung des Trägers ein und steht für professionelles Management. Gleichzeitig liegen die strategischen Entscheidungen und die Weiterentwicklung des Trägers bei ihr. Sie trägt die Gesamtverantwortung für die Campus für Generationen gGmbH.

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